[Mailman-Users] No message sent. All recipients refused: host not found

Luca Bonomi Luca.Bonomi at fysik.dtu.dk
Wed Aug 23 14:53:42 CEST 2000

I've just installed mailman 2.0b5 on a Linux Redhat 6.2
I get to the point of creating a mailing list with the command
"newlist", but after creation no message is sent to the mailing list
administrator. I noticed that all the messages are spooled to
"mailman/qfiles/" and in the "mailman/logs/smtp" file I see the message:

All recipients refused: host not found

And every minute the mailman cron job try to process the queued mails.

I've correctly set a link in /etc/smrsh to point to the mailman wrapper.
Finally, it looks like these mails never get to sendmail for delivery.
Any hints?



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