[Mailman-Users] Can't change list configs

Meredith, Robert robert.meredith at neonsoft.com
Mon Aug 28 17:31:45 CEST 2000

Okay, I recently moved approximately 20 lists from an old Mailman v1.1
server to a new Mailman v2.0b4 server.  On the old server, the lists were at
http://lists.mydomain.com/private/, now they are at
http://dnindns1.mydomain.com/mailman.  If I go to
http://dnindns1.mydomain.com/mailman/listinfo, then to the "list admin
overview page", then select the list, then enter the List Administrative
Password I get to a page where I can change the General Options of this
particular list.

If I scroll down, there is a blank for the "Host name this list prefers".
In this blank, it currently says "lists.mydomain.com".

There is also a blank for the "Base URL for Mailman web interface".  In this
blank, it currently says "http://lists.mydomain.com/private.

I have tried changing these entries to "dnindns1.neonsoft.com" and
"http://dnindns1.mydomain.com/mailman" respectively.  Once I hit the "Submit
Your Changes" button, I am then once again challenged for a password.  When
I enter it, it takes me back to the General Options page and the entries are
NOT changed...  Why can't I change this?  Is there a way to edit this
manually instead of using the web-based interface?

Is there a per-list config file that can be edited by hand?  Or do I have to
use Python?  Thanks.


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