[Mailman-Users] list admin server doesn't always respond?

Ron Jarrell jarrell at vtserf.cc.vt.edu
Tue Aug 29 02:56:38 CEST 2000

>Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 20:09:50 -0400
>From: Michael Dunston <mdunston at music.vt.edu>

>Anyone else have problems with the admin pages randomly not responding
>for some lists?  For some reason, every so often the admin page link does
>not work for various lists.  The problem floats around from list to list
>and usually goes away after a day or so.  At first I thought the list had
>been corrupted, but this does not appear to be the case.  I can remove
>the list entirely, restart the computer, create a new list with the same
>name an the problem persists.  It never seems to happen to more than one
>list at a time.  (1/15 at the moment)

Assuming you're not getting errors in your log files, it's probably
a cookie problem.  In fact, that's strongly implied by the fact that
creating a new list with the same name.  Does the problem go away if you
exit the browser and start it up again?  (This only works with the most
recent beta, which I notice you're running, because the new beta makes
the cookie a "this session only" cookie).  There were a *lot* of cookie
maintenance changes fairly recently.  Make sure your workstation, and
the server, have their clocks in sync; you should be running NTP on your
server; since you're also at VT, I know that we have 2 local ntp servers
you can easily chime off of, (since I run one :-)).

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