[Mailman-Users] I'm oh so close to complete installation -- who can help me!

John Hanna jhanna at cproject.com
Wed Aug 30 23:25:36 CEST 2000

I'm so close to getting mailman working on my freebsd/qmail system, but
something's not working yet, and I can't figure how to debug it.

I can see that wrapper is being called with either post or request, and it's
returning 0 (no error, yes? -- where is wrapper documented btw?) but nothing
is being posted or confirmed.

There's nothing in logs/errors logs/post -- they're not even touched with
today's date.

CGI and that side seem to work properly.

Is this the mail-gid thing? (I think I've got it configured right -- all
mail comes and goes through mailman:mailman [u:g]).

Thanks for the help!

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