[Mailman-Users] script for premail?

Chris Brown cblist at cityb.net
Sun Dec 10 04:23:55 CET 2000

on 12/9/00 14:12, Krzysztof Wychowalek at kaw at zrodla.most.org.pl wrote:

> I realized it 3 months too late. Now I have realy big mbox files and
> it's not wise to edit them manually to add a "from somebody" line
> at the beginning of every message. I am going to write a script for
> that, but maybe someone did it before? If so, I would be grateful if
> he or she could send it to me (priv). Thanks in advance.

The utility formail, which comes with the procmail (http://www.procmail.org)
package, will do this... a small snippet from formail(1) :

    formail is a filter that can be used to force mail into mailbox format,
    perform `From' escaping, generate auto-replying headers, do simple
    header  munging/extracting  or split  up  a mailbox/digest/articles
    file.  The mail/mailbox/article contents will be expected on stdin.

It will also run an existing mbox file through your procmail filters, i.e.:

formail -f procmail mbox

This has many interesting uses... I use it sometimes to convert an old mbox
archive into maildir format...

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