[Mailman-Users] Help / question

Mike Rogers mike at tristateweb.com
Wed Dec 13 02:13:59 CET 2000

First of all, I need help... I have the program setup and it seems to 
be working ok.  But when I send a message to my list 
maenews at mail.maenews.com for approval to be sent, I can go to 
the web and approve it to be sent, but It never seems to go out.

I get single messages, ie.  help messages and subscription 
confirmations, etc.... but nothing when I try to send a message.
I'm running redhat 7.0 with sendmail 8.9.3 (I believe).

I checked the mailman smtp log and it shows that it tried to send a 
message to 5 people, but I get nothing.

Any suggestions??? 

Also, I want to use this program to send out my newsletter, so it 
would be a closed list posted to only by me.  Is there an easier 
way to do that, other than just ignoring anyother post requests?
My list is about 100,000, what can I do performance wise to 
maximize sending time, etc..???

Thanks for any help!


Mike Rogers, M&A Computer Services

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