[Mailman-Users] Admin page not coming up

Joshua Burley jburley at kuci.org
Wed Dec 13 02:55:39 CET 2000

Hi all,
	I've been running Mailman fine now on our box for some time without any
problems. It's a solaris machine running qmail and mailman 2.0rc2.

	I just added a fairly large list (around 100 subscribers), and was
admining it fine, saw some emails go through fine, and was nice and happy until
for some (no?) reason the admin page started to fail to come up. I can still
go to mailman/listinfo/listname fine, but when I try for mailman/admin/listname
the browser just sits there waiting for a reply.

	Any ideas?!


 Josh Burley
 josh at kuci.org
 "Jesus saves, Allah forgives, Cthulu thinks you'd make a nice sandwich."

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