[Mailman-Users] Newlist from a webpage?

Scott Brown scott-brown at home.com
Sat Dec 23 23:35:24 CET 2000

Know whats really funny here Bob?

People want the ability.    People discuss it.  A few of us even fiddle with
it, write a little code, run into roadblocks... and in the end, nothing
useful gets done and the thread dies off.

I dont want this to happen this time.

Personally - I've looked through the source to newlist - there's not much
there really - and what is there *could* be turned into a CGI - once I
figure out the PHP CGI wrapper that Barry (et al) used - but I ran into a
roadblock where the security of my server's config (all user CGI's are
SUEXEC'd) makes it impossible for newlist to complete successfully (see my
other thread about newlist dying with an error trying to unlink a lock

So - I think I'm going to have to do what someone else suggested - and
create an email address to which the required info gets posted, intercept it
via a "wrapper" like functionality, and then process things as the mail

The next stage (updating the /etc/aliases and virtual domain tables files),
requries root priv on my box, so I'm still trying to figure out how to do
that one.

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> Hi Scott,
> I've been following your thread.  Let me know if you come up
> with a cgi (or other) script - I'm trying to do the same
> thing here - let users create mailing lists.
> Bob

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