[Mailman-Users] List owners

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at west.sun.com
Thu Dec 28 00:37:39 CET 2000

Kory Wheatley wrote:
> Is there a python script in /mailman/bin that will allow me to get all
> of the list moderator  email address and
> write them to a file.

No, but this little shell command will do it:

for f in lists/*/config.db ; do echo $f; bin/dumpdb $f | grep "'owner'"; done

Lesson: dumpdb will tell you *anything* about a list.

Much-better idea, if you control the server: standardize on "listname-owner"
or some such, and manage this with the aliases file.  Aliases are perfect for
this sort of indirection, and then all the owners are in one place.

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