[Mailman-Users] Add new list through web

gzbigegg gzbigegg at 21cn.com
Tue Feb 8 19:08:37 CET 2000

I did search the archives and found your solution. But still have some problems:

>>can be done similarly for sendmail...
>>- as mailman admin user
>>cd ~mailman
>>touch aliases aliases.dir aliases.pag
>>- as root
>>cd ~mailman
>>chown root aliases.dir aliases.pag
>>edit /etc/mail/sendmail.cf and add a line like:
>>O AliasFile=dbm:/home/mailman/aliases
>>then, to create list, as mailman admin user:
>>cd ~mailman
>>./bin/newlist listname owner-email-address password 1 | tail +4 > aliases
when I execute this as mailman, the following error occurs:
/etc/sendmail.cf: line 174: setalias: unknown alias class dbm

so I strip off the 'dbm:' in the sendmail.cf file, the output of newaliases is:
/etc/aliases: 16 aliases, longest 17 bytes, 196 bytes total
WARNING: Group writable directory /home/mailman
newaliases: cannot open /home/mailman/aliases: Group writable file

then I chmod g-w aliases, the output is:
/etc/aliases: 16 aliases, longest 17 bytes, 196 bytes total
WARNING: Group writable directory /home/mailman
hash map "Alias1": unsafe map file /home/mailman/aliases.db: Group writable dire
WARNING: cannot open alias database /home/mailman/aliases
Cannot create database for alias file /home/mailman/aliases

What's wrong? It may be very simple to an sendmail expert or unix guru, but unfortunately I'm not in these 2 categories. This problem really drives me crazy!

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search the mailman list archives for a solution to this problem which i
posted a while back.  search for 'sendmail, 'aliases' and my name and you
should be able to find it.

On Mon, 7 Feb 2000, gzbigegg wrote:

> hi all,
> I want to let the user add their own list through web interface, I set the user id who runs the apache web server to mailman, and re-write the 'newlist' function to create a new list using the parameters got from a web form.
> The 'newlist' function works, I found the new list's name under the lists directory. But my problem is how to append the new aliases to the '/etc/aliases' file, and run newaliases command. All these tasks need the root uid, which I cannot get as mailman user.
> I tried to chmod the /etc/aliases to the group writable or even world writable, but newaliases refuses to execute after then. Is there any work around to this problem? Or I have to add the new aliases mannually?
> Thanks.
> Liu Yan
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