[Mailman-Users] Add new list through web

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Tue Feb 8 19:42:57 CET 2000

begin  Mats Wichmann quotation:
> In my particular situation, where I'm penned to a small-town ISP
> with no way to get my email other than long-distance dialup when I'm
> traveling (25% of the time at least), it's a real pain to either
> stay on-line to navigate through the web interface to discard a
> bunch of spam attempts, or else try to go find a way to get onto the
> web by other means (hey, can I borrow your system for a while? I
> have to go get rid of some spam back in New Mexico...) If it were my
> choice I wouldn't be using mailman now for this very reason (I don't
> have a choice, however).

	I've gotta' say, this does piss me off.  

	It wouldn't be so bad, but mailman is always choking on
the Sender: header, and some of my users are sending from DHCP clients
that change DAILY.  I have to constantly bring up lynx and approve all
the messages.  I wouldn't complain so much if it were just my
administrative filters that were causing this, but it's an overzealous
mailman saying "You're not a member of this list!"

> On the other hand, the web-based config for the _listmembers_ is
> wonderful, they never used to be able to figure out what they
> needed to send to majordomo before the lists were switched over.

	Agreed.  There are users of my lists that can now do things
that I never would have been able to configure with a certain non-free
Perl-based castellan-type program.

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