[Mailman-Users] Using mailman with https

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Fri Feb 11 23:54:31 CET 2000

begin  Marc Merlin quotation:
> In order to have internal lists and archives available to a certain
> class of users, I am now running mailman under apache-ssl.
> I thought for  a while that everything  was fine, until I  realized
> that all the post forms  are broken because they reference
> http://server/ instead of https://server/
> Changing DEFAULT_URL in mm_cfg.py doesn't help since it's apparently
> only used for the default value during new list creations.  Where do
> I patch mailman to go to https intead of http?

	You need to turn on CRAZY_FRENCHMAN in the mm_cfg.py.

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