[Mailman-Users] Using mailman with https

Marc Merlin marc_news at valinux.com
Sat Feb 12 03:42:50 CET 2000

On ven, fév 11, 2000 at 11:58:54 +0100, Michael Reinsch wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Feb 2000 14:32:00 -0800, Marc Merlin wrote:
> > Changing DEFAULT_URL in mm_cfg.py doesn't help since it's apparently only
> > used for the default value during new list creations.
> > Where do I patch mailman to go to https intead of http?
> I changed the URL for every mailinglist and this works great. Ok, if you've 
> already some mls this is much work...

Doh, you're right, it's that easy.

The change didn't take long for me, I dumped all the lists with
bin/config_list (mm1.2 cvs), and ran the following:
perl -pi -e 's#http://lists.valinux.com/lists#https://lists.valinux.com/lists#' *

After that, I fed all the dumps back to mailman

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