[Mailman-Users] list admin guide v0.2 now online

Stefan Neuenschwander stefan.neuenschwander at id.unibe.ch
Wed Feb 16 09:35:05 CET 2000

At 16:53 Uhr -0600 14.02.2000, Christopher Kolar wrote:
>Hello everyone.  It has been a while since I last updated the 
>information, but I have finally gotten around to making revisions to 
>my first attempt at MailMan documentation.  The second versions of 
>the list administrator's guide and quick reference are now online at:
>	www.aurora.edu/~ckolar/mailman

thank you for this help. I think you have more knowledge - if you 
have even written a manual - than we have about mailman, so I ask you 
Is there a way to prevent mailman for a specific list from sending a 
"goodbye message" when deleting subscribers? We have a list of about 
1000 profs and some do not understand why they get some strange mail 
when their mailaddress is changing or when they are retired.

University of Berne / Switzerland
S. Neuenschwander

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