[Mailman-Users] (no subject)

Markus Keller OrcaSoft m.keller at orcasoft.ch
Tue Feb 22 07:53:14 CET 2000

Hi list

I have two serious problems with the template files in mailman 1.1:

1. I can not change the settings of the files subscribe.html and
handle_opts.html. If I set the bgcolor in the body tag to black, the
background is always white. Strange but the HTML file is OK, the
source code in the browser shows me the body tag with the
background and I can not find any fault. The problem seems
to be independent from the browsers. I have the
same error with Netscape and IE. Any idea?

2. I have special german characters in my *.txt files. Mailman works
fine. I have added some text in french in verify.txt and now users can
not subscribe any longer. Mailman reports a bug and says that there
is an invalid character. What can I do, to support even french characters?

Thanks for Your help.


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