[Mailman-Users] tracking down multiple forwards

Ricardo Kustner ricardo at rixhq.nu
Wed Feb 23 08:28:24 CET 2000


Sometimes people use some kind of email forwarding systems/gateway which
makes it impossible to see the original email address to which a message
was posted. This becomes a problem if the user account doesn't exist
anymore and it keeps bouncing back... 
Does anybody know some tricks how to find out what was the originial 
email address? When I used majordomo i used to create a perl script
that send out a message to all list members and put the address of
the destination email address in the subject header so that i could
watch for the message to be bounced and find out exactly who it was...
Maybe mailman could put the destination address hidden in the mail
header, but i'm not sure if that is possible with the way MM sends out
the mail...


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