[Mailman-Users] Running Mailman

Ricardo Kustner ricardo at rixhq.nu
Sat Feb 26 20:02:48 CET 2000

On Fri, Feb 25, 2000 at 12:49:40PM -0700, Joe Johns wrote:
> Suppose I installed the Mailman the software on my computer here in my 
> office and RX'd and TX'd the posts from here instead of having my ISP 
> provide it.  Is this doable?
> What do I need, in addition to the Python programming language?

First of all, is your computer online 24h so it can receive and process
the list posts? If not, you need to use some kind of BSMTP like mail
feature at your ISP... also, are you are running a unix server? At this
moment it's not possible to run Mailman under windows.
Anyway, besides Python, mailman also needs a local MTA (mail transfer agent)
like sendmail, postfix, exim, qmail or others to deliver the mail.



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