[Mailman-Users] suply password

Gelfandbein Boris diablo at lt.com.ua
Tue Feb 29 11:07:05 CET 2000

Hello Gerrit,

Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 4:37:44 PM, you wrote:

GH> <quote name="Gelfandbein Boris" date="951216587">
>> Hello mailman-users,
>>   i try to subscribe to list via www,
>>   i enter valid e-mail & password, i got this:
>> ---------------------------
>> You must supply a valid email address.
>> You must supply a valid password, and confirm it.
>> ---------------------------

GH> The form must be bogus. The version of the CGI's do not match with
GH> the version of the HTML page. Did you recently upgrade Mailman?

nope ... i just download mailman 1.1 two month later.

GH> How many lists with how many subscribers are you running?

just 3

GH>  Since
GH> your installation seems to be bogus, consider reintalling (although
GH> it's certainly not needed - it's the easiest way).

there i can find recently updates? or easy way?

Best regards,
Gelfandbein Boris | BG12-RIPE | UA, Kherson, LT | 263119

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