[Mailman-Users] Feature questions

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at mtg.co.at
Fri Jan 14 04:03:56 CET 2000

On Thu, Jan 13, 2000 at 03:22:37PM -0800, Derek Simkowiak wrote:
>      Hello,
> 	I have some questions about Mailman features.
> 	I have administered several Majordomo lists.  Creating a new list
Well, I didn't ever tried to administer Majordomo. Must be my perl allergy ;)
> is a time-consuming process involving several steps.  Without referring to
> the documenation, I inevitably forget to create a file (like
> listname.admin) or to set the permissions correctly.
> 	Is the process for creating a new list comparable under Mailman?
> What I'd *really* love is a web-page based mail list creation tool, or at
> the very least, being able to create a list with one or two single
Well, it's basically the following:

as mailman user:
- or -
newlist <listname>

This will then ask you all questions, and setup the mailing list.
It will even pause to allow the administrator to setup the mailing list
via web before going life :)
It will also prompt you to copy and paste the needed aliases to
/etc/aliases, which propably must be done as root.

> someone who has no Unix skills, meaning NO experience with Unix text
It depends if you want to trust a root password to someone with no Unix
skills, no knowledge of an editor, etc., it should be doable.
> editors or shell syntax.

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