[Mailman-Users] Huge lists of stuff for moderation...

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at vdata.co.uk
Thu Jan 20 10:34:59 CET 2000

Some clueless idiot attempted to gateway one of my mailing lists into a 
newgroup over night.  I have some rather large number (of the order of 
a thousand) messages waiting to be dealt with all from one envelope 

So far its taken close on 15 minutes for netscape to load the list 
admin page, and it hasn't finished yet.  I then have the joy of working 
my way through several hundred messages and rejecting them all.

This raises a number of issues:-

  1. The current moderation method leads to a neat denial of service
     attack on the list/list-admin.

  2. I need a way of doing mass moderation 

  3. A means of detecting this sort of flood and blocking messages on
     their way in would be good.

  4. Breaking the moderation pages up into 20 message chunks might
     help a lot (but for this sort of case I would still need (2)),
     however for high volume lists where the moderators are unavailable
     for a day or so this could be useful.

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