[Mailman-Users] Error 126

Niklas Saers Mailinglistaccount niklasmls at saers.com
Fri Jan 21 15:44:11 CET 2000

> This only says that root started sendmail, but sendmail disvests from root
> privileges when spawning external commands. It will try to run them as
> user mail (group mail) or as the user configured in RunAsUser in
> sendmail.cf

Right. In sendmail.cf I have

# what user id do we assume for the majority of the processing?
#O RunAsUser=sendmail

which as far as I understand means this line is commented out and thus
sendmail runs as root. I don't even got a sendmail user on my system.
Should I be creating one and uncomment this line? If so, what would this
mean for the rest of my system? Should the user sendmail have root
  And, thus for my original question, if sendmail accepts mail as root
(active sendmail running below:) then why can't it execute my wrapper?

root        215  0.0  0.9  1284  564  ??  Ss   Tue10AM   0:13.07 sendmail:
accepting connections on port 25 (sendmail)

root      20073  0.0  1.4  1284  868  ??  R     3:43PM   0:00.02 sendmail:
startup with ifi.uio.no (sendmail)

Thanks for your help :)

Sincerely yours

  Niklas Saers

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