AW: [Mailman-Users] smtp problems ?

Wochele, Markus mw at
Mon Jun 5 10:19:14 CEST 2000

Hi Satya,

> >i have a little problem with my mailman installation.
> >
> >the file:   /home/mailman/logs/smtp   
> >
> >Apr 27 17:12:00 2000 (1851) All recipients refused: host not found
> >
> >I don't receive any mailinglist emails (no error, no mail .... nothing).
> It *looks* like your SMTP server is refusing connections from
> mailman-spawned processes. Check Mailman/ (something like
> that) and check the hostnames in it. You're not getting mail because
> mailman can't send any.

I check ... the same problem with any hostnames !!!

I want to use sendmail with smtp and no dns.
It's only a local server for intranet users.

[root at mail Mailman]# hostname

[root at mail logs]# host mail
Host not found, try again.

My system: redhat 6.1 


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