[Mailman-Users] sending email step

Ralf Hildebrandt R.Hildebrandt at tu-bs.de
Sat Mar 4 12:33:17 CET 2000

Am 03.03.2000 um 14:11:02 -0600 schrieb Roberto Ullfig folgendes:
> How does mailman actually send the messages to the users on a
> list? Does it call sendmail in parallel or serial? Is there a
> pause between each message getting sent or does it try to use
> all of a system's resources? We think that some large lists are
> bringing our system down to its knees.

You might consider switching to Postfix as MTA then (www.postfix.org). It's
about 9x faster than sendwhale and invocation compatible. mailman works
flawlessly with it. It also is (most likely) more secure.

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