[Mailman-Users] trailing space

Jim Tittsler jwt at dskk.co.jp
Thu Mar 16 02:12:22 CET 2000

On Wed, Mar 15, 2000 at 02:38:43PM -0800, Nick Moffitt wrote:
>[...] But unfortunately lynx strips trailing whitespace from input
> boxes.  So instead, my subject lines look like this:
> Subject: [listname]hello, world.
> 	Since mailman doesn't seem to use plain-text configuration
> files, I can't just go in and manually add the space.

You can modify the configuration at the command line by taking advantage of
the bin/withlist tool:

(open the list configuration database with locking, change it, save it,
and unlock it)

$ python -i bin/withlist -l my-list
>>> print m.subject_prefix
>>> m.subject_prefix = "[My-list] "
>>> m.Save()
>>> m.Unlock()
>>> EOF (Ctrl-D for Unix)

Alternatively, if you need to do this to a lot of lists, Utils.map_maillists
can be used to apply a function of your own devising across your lists.

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo
Python Starship     http://starship.python.net/crew/jwt/

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