[Mailman-Users] Archives (another feature question)

alex wetmore alex at phred.org
Wed Mar 22 17:31:50 CET 2000

From: "Derek Simkowiak" <dereks at kd-dev.com>
> Can the archives be configured to be searchable?  If I want my
> MailMan archives to be searchable off of a website (ala
> Slashdot/Freshmeat/LinuxToday articles) is there an easy, built-in way to
> do this?

No, there isn't a built in way to do this.

I do it for my lists by sending the traffic over to a Windows 2000 machine,
then using the NT/2000 Indexing Service to index the messages.  All of this
can be done in Unix as well, I just had the NT/2000 machine handy and was
familiar with the Indexing Service.

http://catfood.phred.org/query.asp shows what I have done.

MHonArc seems to provide search capabilities, but the sites that I've seen
setup with it only allow you to search within a given month.  That is really
annoying for lists which have years of traffic.


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