[Mailman-Users] Archives (another feature question)

Peter Funk pf at artcom-gmbh.de
Wed Mar 22 18:06:13 CET 2000


> From: "Derek Simkowiak" <dereks at kd-dev.com>
> > Can the archives be configured to be searchable?  If I want my
> > MailMan archives to be searchable off of a website (ala
> > Slashdot/Freshmeat/LinuxToday articles) is there an easy, built-in way to
> > do this?

alex wetmore schrieb:
> No, there isn't a built in way to do this.
> I do it for my lists by sending the traffic over to a Windows 2000 machine,
> then using the NT/2000 Indexing Service to index the messages.  All of this
> can be done in Unix as well, I just had the NT/2000 machine handy and was
> familiar with the Indexing Service.
> http://catfood.phred.org/query.asp shows what I have done.
> MHonArc seems to provide search capabilities, but the sites that I've seen
> setup with it only allow you to search within a given month.  That is really
> annoying for lists which have years of traffic.

If you happen to run Mailman on a Linux box as I do, chances are good
that a ready compiled 'htdig' package comes included with your Linux
distribution CDs and is eventually already preinstalled.  Setup of
htdig is easy and then htdig is happy to include your pipermail
archives into its fulltext search database together with all the
other to be indexed HTML material on your server.  Works like a charme.

Regards, Peter
P.S.: I use SuSE Linux.

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