[Mailman-Users] interesting twist on "unknown mailer error 2"

Jean Marie Diaz ambar at altavista.com
Thu Mar 23 01:01:48 CET 2000

I am attempting to install 2.0 beta 1 on an Alpha running Digital 
Unix 4.0D.  This machine is currently serving a number of lists with 
majordomo and sendmail.  It doesn't use smrsh.

The message in syslog is:

Mar 22 15:29:16 av-ops4 Mailman mail-wrapper: Failure to exec script. 
WANTED gid d, GOT gid d.  (Reconfigure to take d?)

gid 'd', huh?

I tried running (as the mailman user) python -c'import os; print 
os.getgid()'.  The result was 60, which is what I fed to 

Any more clues?  The web interface is all working splendidly, but I 
get this error when confirming my subscription to the test list.


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