[Mailman-Users] plaintext interface to list members

Alexander Koch a.koch at sgh-net.de
Tue Mar 28 09:44:15 CEST 2000


I am working with a big project (in the OpenSource business)
which runs some 150+ mailling lists with Smartmail. Now the
main reason Mailman may not be an option is that the
memmbership information is not in plaintext format.

Now, I have not looked at mailman much, but what format is
the files? I am thinking about parsing the db files myself
and write some frontend of my own. With that many working
lists and the current amount of mails a day there is not
much room for changing too much.

[ I know of list_members and remove_members, but the file
  format is not quite obvious... ]


SGH mbH Internet Division, Systems Administration, ako4-ripe
Hannover, Germany, Phone +49 511 909198 0, Fax +49 511 391307

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