[Mailman-Users] Error in removing From: lines from posted messages?

Tor Houghton th at nextra.com
Mon May 8 19:52:46 CEST 2000


I was experimenting with the "remove From: ... bla bla" from posting (for
anonymous lists), and found that this works great with Pine, but not so
great with Mutt.

It seems that Mutt does the following:

>From test-admin at lollipop.nextra.com Mon May 08 19:46:03 2000
>From th  Mon May  8 19:46:04 2000
Envelope-to: th at nextra.com

While when I sent the email with Pine, the correct behaviour occurred,
leaving no username in the header.

XXX are used in place of real data to protect the innocent.

How come?

I am using Mailman v1.0.

Best regards,


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