[Mailman-Users] A meta-list (or list of lists)

Jeff.Lessem+mailman at Colorado.EDU Jeff.Lessem+mailman at Colorado.EDU
Tue May 9 01:47:52 CEST 2000

I would like to make a list which sends e-mail to other lists:

A-list:		"|.../wrapper post A-list"
B-list:		"|.../wrapper post B-list"
E-list:		"|.../wrapper post C-list"
alphabet-lists: A-list,B-list,C-list

As can be seen, this is easy enough to put together in the sendmail
aliases file.  Is this the Mailman recommended method of creating such
list of lists, or is there a preferred alternative?

More importantly, these lists are setup to only allow member postings,
is there a way to allow people on A, B, or C to post to A, B, or C
without putting everybody's e-mail address in the "without implicit
approval" section for each list?

If it makes any difference, the lists are exclusive---each person is
only on one list.

Many thanks,
Jeff Lessem.

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