[Mailman-Users] Installation Issue

David Smead smead at amplepower.com
Tue May 9 02:30:51 CEST 2000


Don't take it literally.  The directory you need to create is the one
where mailman resides.  On a Linux system, this will typically be

I still have some sendmail issues, but otherwise, it was pretty easy to
get Mailman installed.  After creating /home/mailman, I went to that
directory and made a subdir named src.  In that I put the tarball and did
the install from there.


David Smead

On Mon, 8 May 2000, BCSi wrote:

> I am completely new to Python and have the added distinction of being a
> listserver newbie as well.  Please bear with me.
> I have been working with the INSTALL instructions for Mailman, NOT THE
> BETA, and immediately ran across the piece about creating a directory
> called $PREFIX. It struck me as wrong, but I tried it and, of course,
> Linux thinks it is a shell programming variable.  I am hesitating
> because I cannot afford to screw-up my server.
> How can I proceed and get a correct result.
> Yours in frustration,
> Steve Farber
> BCSi
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