[Mailman-Users] Re: HTML mail

Tom Neff tneff at grassyhill.org
Thu Nov 9 02:56:07 CET 2000

If you want to make a convincing argument with numbers, clear out your 
database, make plain text the default INSTEAD of having HTML the default, 
load 'em up and send us that results table.  I bet your majority would 
swing solidly the other way.  Most users accept the default rather than 
risk actively making "a choice," and would probably accept Esperanto 
rendered into GIF images by default if that's what you gave them.

Another interesting statistic would be how many messages, out of the total 
HTML messages received, actually USE any of the features of HTML mail. 
Most of my users basically appear to use it like any other text editor, for 
simple messages LIKE THESE THAT WE ARE EXCHANGING by the way, so that the 
HTML functionality is completely superfluous.

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