[Mailman-Users] confirmation reply bug - another victim

Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Thu Nov 9 17:07:46 CET 2000

OK, so after I get chided for not running the latest and greatest,
I upgraded my mailman to the 2.0rc1.

I start getting emails from people that they are trying to subscribe but
cannot, because the confirmation never seems to get through.  I tested
this, and they are right.  

Looking at the list archives, I am not alone.
I checked the archive and followed the same debugging steps that were
given to Andreas, with the exact same results - no obvious problems.

So, I went back to my mailman beta 6 and reinstalled.  "downgrade
detected - this is probably not safe, exiting."  Huh?

Removed /home/mailman/Mailman.  Retried the make install.  Still no

moved mailman to mailman_old.  Did a fresh install.  Copied back some
subdirs.  Still not sure if it's 100% back, but I have a safe copy of
the whole thing from 11/7 as a worst case scenario.


| Dan |

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