[Mailman-Users] Re: broadcast only

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at west.sun.com
Wed Nov 29 13:21:42 CET 2000

I said:

>     DM> Well, I guess I don't see the need for a mailing-list manager
>     DM> for such things, because it seems like they're nearly-always a
>     DM> "broadcast-only, you are subscribed because you're someone
>     DM> I've been given the right to broadcast to" list, for which
>     DM> normal aliases work *very* well.

If these conditions aren't true (and both Darron and John say
emphatically that they are not), then the statement doesn't hold much water.
For example, unlike the broadcast aliases at Sun, it's not an issue of "this 
alias is all the members of a company", but rather a constantly-changing set 
of people who opt in and opt out of their own accord, then yes, that feature of
the MLM would be nice to have.

Really, the issue is "there should be ways to simply discard messages
rather than shove them into the approval queue", and this is something that
many people want for various reasons, either "posting from non-authorized
posters" or "rejecting some mail identified as SPAM or otherwise unuseful
mail".  And it's relatively easy to do such things, as I said, by hacking
a little bit of Python table code; it's just not very well wrapped up
in a UI yet.

Maybe an easy-to-reach middle ground would be a UI to add things to SpamDetect
(or something like it); I've been thinking that coding something like that up
would be useful to me.  It wouldn't be very hard to add in a "and send a message
back like this before dropping the incoming mail", too.  Would that be
a sufficient answer to the "announce" needs?  Imagine the capability of
"check sender address against RE, and if match/not match, send back a message
and drop the incoming"; that should be usable, right?

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