[Mailman-Users] running Mailman on funky virtual server

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Thu Nov 30 23:49:00 CET 2000

I have a machine that is running some proprietary code to create
virtual machines.  When I install a new domain, it creates a directory
hierarchy such as /home/virtual/domainname with sub-directories like
var, lib, usr, and home.  The main server's httpd.conf file just has
normal VirtualHost to allow the www.domainname.com to work.  Nothing
tricky there.  However, a customized sendmail is running.  The first
thing it does is chroot to the virtual root of that domain.  That
allows each domain to have seperate and unique alias files.  Also,
majordomo is setup to work in this environment.

I really want to use mailman instead of majordomo; but, here's my
problem: since apache exects to find the cgi-bin in one place, but
sendmail finds it in another, I don't know how to link up my MTA with

Any suggestions, or am I sol?
 (__)  Doug Alcorn (mailto:doug at lathi.net http://www.lathi.net)
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