[Mailman-Users] Problem using aliases

Thorsten Ziegler das.zig at gmx.net
Mon Oct 9 21:10:39 CEST 2000


im encountering problems using one email-Adress to be forwarded to the
actual mailing list.
Lets say real at mailinglist.net is the eMailAdress of the Mailman-System.
Now i've got an address redirect at other.do which forwards all eMail to
real at mailinglist.net where every post is held for administrator approval
due to implicit destination.
Now i've tried to add the address redirect at other.do at "Alias names.."
in the Privacy menu... as there is the comment (regexps) i've tried to
i've also tried to add the hole address standalone and the address
compined with an To: Header field..
But nothing works... may someone help me?

Greetz, ZiG
Thorsten Ziegler     Grosshausberg 9-4-3
78120 Furtwangen     Black Forest, Germany
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