[Mailman-Users] Very close . . .

Don Steiny steiny at infopoint.com
Thu Oct 12 00:20:06 CEST 2000

	I am stuck on getting mailman to work and I am sure it is something

	When I reply to the message I get from mailman, I do not get signed up.
I can see in /var/log/syslog that it is calling wrapper with mailcmd test 
and there are no error messages in the log/error file.   The subscribe file 
has a message: test: pending steiny at infopoint.com.    However, I never get
a message telling me I am signed up and when I go to the Web page for the
list no users are signed up.

	I am using mailman-2.0beta6 - Solaris 7 - Pyton-1.6 and I put in
the patch for the Reply-To: thing, so it is for sure going to the 
right program.   

	Do you have a suggestion where I could look to figure out what I have
set up wrong?  


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