[Mailman-Users] "Authentication failed".

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at West.Sun.COM
Thu Oct 12 03:17:32 CEST 2000

> I have installed mailman-2.0beta6 on a test machine and followed all of
> the instructions quite closely. I have created a test list, with an
> administrative password of foo. When I attempt to log in to the
> administrative pages I ma told "Authentication failed". 

Is this "Authentication failed" in red at the top of the page that
looks just like the admin login page except for that red text?

What happens if you try the site password?

If the site password works, try changing the list password to foo
again, logging out, and logging back in with foo.  Seems like
there's a reasonable chance you really don't have 'foo' as the
password; maybe it included the quotes or something.
> I have examined the situation closely, and I am absolutely certain that the
> httpd server (apache) is passing all of the correct information to the
> admin program (by way of stdin and environment variables). I have looked
> through all of the documentation and the FAQ and found nothing that
> indicates why this might be happening. However, strace did mention a
> variety of failures related to opening/finding md5 files in
> ~mailman/Mailman directory -- could this be the problem?

When you say "md5 files", what do you mean?  (What are some of the exact
filenames strace is reporting that admin is trying to open?) 

Is Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py's setting of USE_CRYPT still 1?

What does the following Python program output?  (put in /tmp/tmp.py
and invoke python /tmp/tmp.py).  If it outputs "couldn't find 
crypt", try it with "python -v".

   from crypt import crypt
   print "got crypt"
except ImportError:
   print "couldn't find crypt"

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