[Mailman-Users] MIME attachments again.

Chuq Von Rospach chuqui at plaidworks.com
Tue Oct 31 06:26:15 CET 2000

At 6:29 AM +0100 10/31/00, Lars Gullik Bj¯nnes wrote:
>Does this tool extract the mime part save it to disk and replace the
>mimepart in the mail with an URL... that would have been _very_ nice.

No. It just deletes all but the MIME part.

>Actually I think this should be part of mailman so that you could
>easily decide on a list basis how to handle and where to save.

That's what I plan to do, when I have time to do it. If you can't 
wait, well, this is an open source project.. (grin)
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