[Mailman-Users] how2 use mailman on multiple domains?

Michael Thies michael at thies.org
Tue Sep 5 22:36:10 CEST 2000

hi you all,

we are using now majord00m and wanna migrate to mailman, but I have
one question on it, which is not answered in the mailman-howto (except
I didn't get it).

Is it possible to have ONE mailman-install on a host, which serves
several different maildomains in one exim-install.

With majordomo there was the possibility to tell in the majord00m with
the alias-file to be invoken with the "-h hostname.dom.ain" switch,
which made majord00m sending from this domain.

I'm not willing to have an instance of mailman running for each
mail-domain offering mailinglists.

Michael Thies
cid - christlicher internet dienst      Technik
      Schoenwalder Strasse 21           thies at cid.net
      D - 13347 Berlin                  Tel: (+49)(0)30 -  4 61 61 46
      http://www.cid.net/               Fax: (+49)(0)30 - 46 50 79 20

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