[Mailman-Users] Retrieving moderator password

Thomas Gramstad thomas at ifi.uio.no
Thu Sep 21 16:31:49 CEST 2000

>>> Well, at least on mailman 1.x (which is what I use) there is only one
>>> list admin password, so your password would be the same as his.

>> Uh...
>> So if I have 25 lists (which I do), and I have a co-moderator on ONE
>> of them, then he has actually in reality become a list-owner of ALL
>> my lists!?  Is this really true??  I find it hard to believe that
>> someone would actually design it that way purposely... huge bug...
> oh, no, no. See, if you have 25 lists, you should have, at least on
> mailman 1.x, 25 passwords.

But that's insane.  If this were the case, any normal person would
set them to the same.

> You may set them to the same string, but they are 25 independent
> passwords nonetheless :-)

I don't think that's the case: when the lists here were transferred
to Mailman, the system gave me one admin password in the message for
the first list, and the subsequent messages for the other lists
referred to me as known to the system and having been provided an
admin password in the first message.  Ditto for new lists that I
have created later.

25 passwords to one person, and then the password(s) are actually
shared with the other moderator(s).  What was the designer of this
idea smoking??

Thomas Gramstad
thomas at ifi.uio.no

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