[Mailman-Users] openbsd and mailman

ppruett ppruett at webengr.com
Thu Sep 21 16:01:21 CEST 2000

I was able to get mailman to work I thought...
on a generic Openbsd 2.7 

I did have to use their port of python 1.52
because their port of 1.6 did not work, I put
a bug notice on it just in case it was relevant
for the developers of mailman.

So I got it going I thought, it worked, then
the next day its pretending to work
I noted that a posting showed up in the archive
but never went out. subsequent postings don't
show up in the archive nor deliver but
they don't bounce either they just dissappear
and don't show up in the mqueue either...

My question to the list is...
 Are there members using OpenBSD 2.7 and 
 was there some tricks or gotchass other
 than that mentioned in README.BSD


- thanks,

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