[Mailman-Users] Re: "could not acquire qrunner lock", etc

Steve Pirk orion at deathcon.com
Tue Apr 24 17:29:35 CEST 2001

I would do some tests on basic mail... Telent to the box on port 25
and see how long it is before you get the greeting. Do the smae on the
box to an outside machine. Both should be *very* fast. If they are
not, look into reverse resolution of the ip address of the mailman

qrunner can only deliver mail as fast as the mta, so look there also.

Steve Pirk
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On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Mike Crowe wrote:

> On 23 March 2001, Bill Bradford wrote:
> > Upgraded to Python 2.0 this morning, and recompiled/reinstalled 
> > mailman 2.0.3 along with it (had already been running this version,
> > but I figure recompiling/installing it along with the new python
> > wouldnt hurt).  I started getting a lot *more* of these in 
> > /usr/local/mailman/logs/qrunner than normal:
> I'm suffering from a similar problem. I run a list with a few hundred
> members that has a handful of posts an hour throughout most of the
> day. About thirty people are on the digest list. 
> I'm running the Debian unstable mailman package 2.0.3-7 recompiled myself
> on a stable (Debian 2.2) system. I contacted the maintainer of the package
> and he suggested I post here. The machine is only a P133 with 96Mb of RAM
> but I would hope it should handle such a list.
> The mailing lists are running fine, mails just take a long time (several
> hours) to pass through the system and it is putting an unreasonable load on
> the machine in my opinion. It has a knock-on effect of making the web
> interface unusable because the qrunner process perpetually has the list
> locked (maybe this is a clue).
> The python qrunner process seems to be running most of the time pushing my
> load average above one constantly - it runs for its fifteen minutes and
> then gives up. At some points during a lull of several hours in mailing
> list activity it will stop of its own accord and everything will settle
> down.
> Dave Klingler wrote in response to Bill Bradford:
> > Sounds like you've got some permissions set wrong, Bill.  Having qrunner
> > run once a minute works pretty well, btw.  It keeps the queue small and
> > the overhead is minimal.
> If permissions were the case surely it wouldn't work at all? I've had a
> look through and stuff generally seems to be owned by user list, group list 
> or owned by root, group list with g+rwX permissions.
> I tried putting some extra logging in the qrunner script but wasn't really
> sure what I was looking at. If someone can advise me where it would be best 
> to log then I am willing to hack the scripts a bit.
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