[Mailman-Users] Header Info on monthly password reminders

Sarah K. Miller techgrrl at beeze.com
Wed Aug 1 21:23:41 CEST 2001

Well, yes and no. As I said, mine has never been sent out from the first list I created. It was previously going out from one created "later" and then this last one went out from the most *recent* list I created (which was last week). I have done a bit of hunting and came up with these questions (which I sent to the list once before, but nobody knew the answer then either). Maybe somebody who knows the answer is here now??

I have a couple of questions about mailpasswds. First is about the section;

    # constrain to specified lists, if any
        confined_to = sys.argv[1:]

Does this mean I can specify which lists to send passwords for? If so, how do I include or exclude specific lists?

My second question is about:

   # Use this list for message delivery only
    a_public_list = None

Does this mean that I can specify which list on my system the monthly reminders appear to be coming from? If so, how?

Would these questions be better directed to the developers list or will I find basically the same people there that I find here??

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I believe you are asking the same question that Graham Dunn is asking in 
the attached email that he sent earlier today, which is also the same 
question I've been asking for quite some time, which is:

Why do the monthly mailings get sent from the admin of the first list that 
got created after mailman was installed rather than the global mailman 


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From: "Sarah K. Miller" <techgrrl at beeze.com>
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Subject: [Mailman-Users] Header Info on monthly password reminders

Ok, this one has about driven me to the brink of insanity! I need to know
where/how the following headers are generated in the monthly password
reminder message *and* how to hard-code them to something different
(preferably mailman-owner).

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