[Mailman-Users] subscribing with site pw

Jaswinder Hayre jas at nysia.org
Thu Aug 2 22:28:48 CEST 2001


Normally if you send email to [listname]-request at x.y.com with the subject
of "subscribe [pw] address=a at b.com" Mailman will send mail back to
a at b.com for a confirmation request.

So I began to write a perl script that will get rid
of this intermediate need for a request, by sending an email to mailman
with the site password in the subject. I did this in the hope that it will not
ask the subscribing address to reply with a confirmation because it will
have the all-mighty site pw included.  Can this really
work if i provide the site pw?

I know unsubscription actually works in one step if you provide the site


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