[Mailman-Users] Excessive headers and Eudora

Ben Burnett benwa at ocentrix.com
Mon Aug 6 03:48:03 CEST 2001

Forwarding off-list dialog to the list...

At 11:36 AM 8/5/01 -0700, Colin Andrews wrote:
>8/3/2001 9:54:02 PM, Ben Burnett <benwa at ocentrix.com> wrote:
> >Colin,
> >
> >Why not help your Eudora users on their end instead?  Show them how to use
> >the "TabooHeaders" parameter in their eudora.ini file as below.
> >Any header they do not wish to see you can put in the list.  If they are
> >not comfortable with text editors and manually editing ".ini" files, then
> >Eudora has an easy way of helping them do it.
> >
> >1. Find out exactly what headers people don't like.
> >
>I thought you might be interested in what I found. I tried testing this out on
>my version of eudora locally on my pc first. I wanted to try the URL form,
>because then I could just send it to them and tell them to click on it.
>I did what you said. I built up my own list of the offending headers, then
>added it to the default list you supplied me with. I did the alt-click and 
>dialog, then went to look at some list mail. There was still a bunch of 
>being shown, specifically headers that I had included in my list.
>I took a look at eudora.ini to see if the option line had been added, and 
>after a
>while noticed that it had only copied the first 255 characters of the list of
>headers into the options file. When I edited the line in eudora.ini 
>directly and
>put my full list in there, it worked.

This is an interesting limitation I hadn't had the chance to run 
into.  I'll remember it in the future.

>I don't know if the 255 char limit stands for both Mac & PC versions (it 
>like a windows thing to me). Just in case it's the on the Macintosh versions
>of eudora as well, I went looking through the support pages at
>Qualcomm & even downloaded the Mac user's manual to try to find out if
>there was an equivalent of eudora.ini on the Mac side. No luck there but
>I wasn't realy expecting to.
>I ended up sending out the explicit instructions for modifying eudora.ini for
>the pc users and the URL form for the Mac users. I'm still waiting to hear
>back as to whether this is working for them.
>This was a great piece of information none the less. Where did you find out
>that this was possible? I saw no mention of it anywhere on the Qualcomm
>pages or in the manual. How did you find out about it? Is there an
>underground eudora reference available on the net somewhere?

I honestly don't remember where I first heard of TabooHeaders, but a quick 
search on google yielded some posts that helped me piece together the 
puzzle.  The Eudora support pages also mention pasting other options into a 
blank email to change them so I figured I'd give it a try with this one.


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