[Mailman-Users] Excessive headers and Eudora

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Mon Aug 6 05:08:05 CEST 2001

At 18:48 -0700 8/5/2001, Ben Burnett wrote:
>Forwarding off-list dialog to the list...
>At 11:36 AM 8/5/01 -0700, Colin Andrews wrote:
>>I don't know if the 255 char limit stands for both Mac & PC versions (it
>>like a windows thing to me). Just in case it's the on the Macintosh versions
>>of eudora as well, I went looking through the support pages at
>>Qualcomm & even downloaded the Mac user's manual to try to find out if
>>there was an equivalent of eudora.ini on the Mac side. No luck there but
>>I wasn't realy expecting to.
>>I ended up sending out the explicit instructions for modifying eudora.ini for
>>the pc users and the URL form for the Mac users. I'm still waiting to hear
>>back as to whether this is working for them.

Mac Eudora keeps its settings in the Eudora Settings file in the same
folder as the mailboxes, etc.  I said "Eudora Settings"...it can be named
anything if it is double-clicked (or an alias to it is double-clicked, or
any other means is used).  The folder is named Eudora Folder and is in the
Documents folder (System Folder on archaic Macs).  It can likewise be named
anything and put anywhere if its Eudora Settings file is used to start

I don't know whether the URL method of setting the "Boring headers" works
on Mac Eudora, or not.  It would require learning the number associated
with the setting.

The Boring headers settings pane works fine in my experience for Mac Eudora
and would be my recommendation.

  --John (I THINK I have the attribution right)
John Baxter   jwblist at olympus.net      Port Ludlow, WA, USA

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