[Mailman-Users] OK... I give up

Doug Garaux garaux at garaux.com
Fri Aug 17 03:40:58 CEST 2001

OK, I've been waiting on Mailman 2.X to get the better Mime support... because I just haven't been able to get 1.X with anything else to properly strip mime out.  Well I spent a few hours tonight hacking Python 2.1.1 onto my system, and then after finding the bug notices on mimelib also being needed, hacking that onto the system (because the python RPM I had didn't have the config directory in /usr/lib/python2.1 directory which the mimelib install needed.) - I'm sure most of this fun at greatest thanks to Red Hat for my sorrow.

So - all of that - everything installs... no more detected errors... but I still get mime on my posts: (I'd attach, but obvisouly since this list seems to strip Mime properly, it will obvisouly strip my included example.)

I'm now lost.  Any ideas out there?  Ditch Red Hat and try Mandrake 8 perhaps? (they at leats have native Python 2.X in their release)  I've found success for mail list archive to html in Mhonarc, but it severly lacks robust archive options (monthly archives, etc.)

I've been trying to set up a list for a Church for some time now; trying to set up locally to give some protection above a publically open list on a freelist server somewhere.  I just can't seem to find the right combination though here!

Doug Garaux
garaux at garaux.com

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