[Mailman-Users] HTML in digests?

marina marina at reliance.it
Fri Dec 14 00:14:31 CET 2001

At 11:43 AM -0500 13/12/01 [dmy], you wrote about [Subject] Re: 
[Mailman-Users] HTML in digests?:
  >Or more likely, he has no control over the installation of the software on
  >the machine he's running the mailing list.  If I let somebody set up a
  >mailing list on my site, using the copy of mailman that I installed, it is
  >extremely unlikely that I'm going to let him mess with the source code on
  >my machine.

That's exactly it, Paul. Thank you for explaining it so clearly. 
Sure, Python is easy to use and Mailman is well written, but we run 
our list on a huge hosting server and we don't have admin privileges.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid this also means we cannot use Alex's suggestion.

 From the point of view of making Mailman more popular or not, it's 
obvious that the first thing users are going to see, is how messy are 
both digests and individual messages. This is giving Mailman a bad 

Thank you anyway, and let's hope that future versions of Mailman make 
it easier to use the software on sites that run multiple lists, where 
each list needs different configuration options.


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