[Mailman-Users] HTML in digests?

alex wetmore alex at phred.org
Fri Dec 14 00:34:09 CET 2001

On Fri, 14 Dec 2001, marina wrote:
> That's exactly it, Paul. Thank you for explaining it so clearly.
> Sure, Python is easy to use and Mailman is well written, but we run
> our list on a huge hosting server and we don't have admin privileges.
> Unfortunately, I'm afraid this also means we cannot use Alex's suggestion.

The hoster should be able to offer stripping HTML as an option to list
owners.  Setting up the aliases to strip HTML is no more difficult
than setting up the list in the first place.  I host many lists on my
server, and I'm the only list administrator with shell access to the
server, but I still give the other list administrators the option to
strip HTML.

I believe Mailman-2.1 will have HTML/MIME stripping as a built in
option, but I haven't played with the alpha.


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